new album mastering

Just handed our new album off to former member
Lesniak for mastering. a darker darkness approaches…….


we have an unholy mountain of unreleased music of the very finest quality
anyone out there want to put some of it out?

Unbecoming or just fugly?

Rounded up a bunch of Unbecoming tracks from the last year for Billy Renschler (Mr. Unbecoming)
to take into his hidey hole and do his magick to. A gutterblown wordsnipe if ever there was such a thing,
he will put our damaged clang to words or something, and add ghost smoke trails while hes at it.

The stench of strings

Wooly unloaded some awesome guitar gawd oberduvs the other night, the record is starting to
speak to us and its a ritual bitch.

Anybody interested in some free gear?

PA dumps, 2×15 bass cabinets, some other stuff we don’t need.


Furious Four

We’ve been mixing and editing stuff from two recent sessions. Very dark and disturbing stuff

similar at times to prime Nurse With Wound or Igor Wakhevitch’s early Satanic freakouts like “Dr. Faust”.

Hopefully be wrapping it up close to Halloween. Working title ?

Is this thing on?

Welcome to Fugwub, the website and label for Cincinnati’s Heart Of Palm, French Crips

and Unbecoming.

We play and record improvised music and make/play to films of video feedback, collage and

damaged media.

We are interested in releasing more of our music and film on labels other than our own.

We’ll be updating this page to add links to some of the labels and outlets that have supported

us in the past.

We’ll also add a paypal link if anyone wants to purchase our releases.

Enjoy some free music and take a look around, feel free to leave a comment.


“No Flag”

From Trance Nipple Manifestation (2007)

“Zug Zug”


From Trance Nipple Manifestation